By using Torochick, your country will return all the necessary organic substances that are permanently lost by the long-term use of artificial fertilizers, irrigation, and intensive production. In this way, we conduct a joint mission consistently towards our country responsibly.

With our product:

• You are feeding the plant with 100% organic products

• You are improving structure of the land and humus layer 100% without root seed.
• It is decomposing gradually wich leads to equally level of feeding the plants , with wich you are avoiding their starving periods.
• Therfore you are getting better health status of the its composition it is complex manure, because it is containing micro and macro elements , usefull microorganisms , and it is 100% free of pathogenic ragents.
• Size of building particles, torochicka is large enough and its ingredients will not be released quickly
and therefore we have protected your rations from rinsing.

Who better than ourselves can know what we need, for which we crave, so our product is 100% domestic product.

Contact phone: +381/69 684 944 Duško Veseličić