• The importance of rugs in industrial poultry can be seen from the angle of veterinary medicine, animal welfare, ecosystem preservation and cost-effectiveness.

• Sustainable poultry production requires rugmaterials that do not disturb the natural environment, and are expected to be effective, cheap and multifunctional.

• Ideal rugs should absorb moisture to a higher degree and dry easily. It has been found that moisture content in the bed affects the release of ammonia, dust and health problems such as foot dermatitis, various respiratory problems, etc.

• The microbiological population is progressively growing when moisture content is in the mats
greater than 34-40% (mass of water / mass of the mats). Moisture content increased
compactness reduces thermal insulation properties and transparency, resulting in the result it has anaerobic conditions and a decreased pH.

• One of the basic ways to get a huge amount of litter that is created in
industrial horticulture and use is to be used as a fertilizer. Livestock
bedding is rich in nitrogen and as such is desirable for soil cultivation.

In our many years of experiments, the subject of testing was the possibility of applying a new type of material peat. Microclimatic conditions in the chicken breeding facility were investigated by monitoring the temperature and humidity of the air, the concentration of carbon dioxide and ammonia. The chemical parameters measured the percentage of moisture and pH in the bed. The obtained results indicate that the percentage of mortality, air quality, percentage of humidity and water release capacity were significantly better with the use of new material as a rug.


Peat, cellulose pellet, wood shaft, bulk density of 320-340 kg per 1m3.
Usage: Extend the mats in the thickness of 1.5cm in the production facility and
dry if necessary.


Peat, cellulose pellet, wood shaft, zeolite, perlite, bentonite, bulk density 330-340 kg per 1m3.
Usage: Extend the mats in the thickness of 1cm in the production facility and dry if necessary.


Fumigated mattress with “Salmonella free” certification.
peat, cellulose pellet, wood rush, zeolite, perlite, bentonite, medicinal aromatic plants, bulk density of 220-230 kg per 1m3.
Usage: Extend the mats in a 1cm thickness in the production facility and
dry if necessary.

“The rug is the largest ally of cattle or the biggest enemy” – prof. Cobbys

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